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The World Hot Dog Eating Championships take place every year in New York. The contestant has to eat as many hot dogs with buns as they can in the time limit of ten minutes. When it started nearly a hundred years ago, the highest score was only thirteen hot dogs. Now it is sixty-eight. Over the years, hot dog eating has become a strong symbol of the power of the United States, but despite being a very American event, this has not always been the case. For seven years running the winners were Japanese. One of the great champions was famous because he was very thin, and described himself as an ‘athlete’. Now an American holds the title again.


Once, when travellers really did explore little-known corners of countries, you could perhaps say there was a difference between traveller and tourist. Nowadays many so-called independent travelers go to exactly the same places as large numbers of other backpackers, stay in the same hostels, hang out in the same recommended bars, take part in the same parties to celebrate the same events, and rarely get a true insight into how ordinary people live, which is what many of them affect to do. It’s true the package holiday tourist usually travels in a luxury coach, whereas the independent is just as likely to use local public transport. This is why so many of the latters’ tales take place in a broken-down bus or crazy trains. Nevertheless, it is hard to understand why these people often look down their noses at package holiday types.


The jellyfish's main predators - the swordfish, tuna and other big fish - appear on so many dinner tables that there aren't enough of them left in the sea to keep the populations down. As a result of this, millions of jellyfish have washed up on the shores of Spain at the height of the tourist season. One species, known as the ‘fried egg’ by locals, can mass together and transform waters into a milky gloop, but it is the other, smaller ones which make swimming a risky business. Tens of thousands of tourists were treated for painful allergic reactions to their stings last year and this trend seems set to continue. The last time this happened in the area was thirty years ago when jellyfish, which had drifted in from the Red Sea via the Suez Canal, plagued the shores of Greece. After several years of havoc to the tourist industry, they mysteriously disappeared.

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